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David Zuend

David Zuend
The Horse Place
07760 500703
Hartland, Devon

4* Senior Parelli Instructor and Horse Development Specialist

David's passion is to help young or challenging horses to become willing and safe partners.

Using the Parelli Colt Start Skeleton, he has successfully started and restarted horses for students in many countries. David likes to see Parelli principles put to purpose and regularly teaches driving and western clinics as well as levels clinics.

Together David and Alison run The Horse Place.

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I sent my 3 year old filly Temi to David for starting and couldn't be more pleased with the results. David kept me up to date throughout her training and then provided a comprehensive handover, which has left me confident and knowledgeable as to how to continue with Temi's education and what to expect along the way.

I managed to visit Temi and David a couple of times at the start of her training and I was blown away by how much they had achieved in such a short space of time, Temi was happy, confident and willing.

David exceeded my expectations in every respect; the start Temi has received has laid down the foundations for whatever the future holds for us in whatever discipline we choose and I will definitely be sending any future youngsters to David for their formative education.

Darna Dunne

I had some amazing handover lessons with David. He's so amazing. He assesses me, the pony and the environment and then sets us up for success - every time. I love the way he does details. He tells me what should happen and what might happen and what to do in every eventuality. So I came going home well prepared.

Nicky Whetter


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